I need to sell sewing items that are of high $ and high quality.craigslist was successful in past but now I am getting nothing but scammers.?

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e3run: Lucky for you, it should be easy in your case to identify those off shore scam artists, sometimes in Nigeria trying to scam you, in one variation they would offer to pay more than the asking price if you send a portion of it to a "shipping service" which is how they profit.

You probably just have to continue to filter out the scam offers, reporting the more obvious cases to Craigslist. and perhaps branch out further. It's fun to at least do a search on Etsy.com for products like yours to see what others are up to, the fees for selling on that marketplace: 20 cents per item listed, + 3.5% of any sales.

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Didn't have much room in question box to describe my quandary in more detail. I need artsy crafty people that are interested and craigslist has led me to those people in the past but now all of a sudden I am getting people wanting to pick up said items later, and offer to send cashier's check, or draft or whatever, when my post clearly states "I deal in CASH and in person only."
craigs list is notorious for those idiots
etsy is a site you can sell your handmade items, and I am sure there are more, just do some research
If you're selling machines or supplies from your personal stash, try the yahoo group "sewitsforsale": https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SewI…

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