I only have a 3.2 GPA will I be able to find a job when I graduate? I am a business accounting major?

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GrandpaJon Red Sox:
A 3.2 GPA isn't really anything to be ashamed about, it isn't great grades but it is slightly above average. The truth is the only time an employer will even look at the GPA at all is when you get your first job after that they will only be concerned about your work record as that is far more applicable to how well you will perform for them. I have worked with guys that had GPA's in the 2's that were far better at their job than guys that got a 4.0. A 3.2 will be good enough that most employers will hire you anyway, and accounting is an in demand job. I doubt you will have any trouble finding a job when you graduate.
That should be fine. Just expect to get into a Big-4 (?) Firm. Go for a local one, and focus on getting your license. THAT matters more than a GPA.
Wayne Z:
Sure. Accountants are always in demand in corporate America. Heck, if you are in Minneapolis, I could probably get you hired at my employer tomorrow.

Now, if you dream is to work for one of the Big 4 CPA firms, you are probably out of luck. They pretty much only look at GPA when they hire.

Max Hoopla:
You should manage somehow.

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