I ordered something from Amazon on December 23 and it says it will arrive on December 27?

So I'm tracking my order and it says it has been shipped from Whitestown, Indiana by USPS. I literally live like 30 minutes away from Whitestown so why is it taking 4 days to get here?

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Matteo: Typically, all mail and packages first go to a shipping hub (sometimes more than one hub) en route to its final destination. I've tracked some packages that go from one side of the country to the other then back again before reaching me.

Other answer:

Because it's Christmas and a weekend. They're not going to guarantee delivery on either. Plus, just because it's 30 mins from you doesn't mean they're popping in a car and delivering it to you personally. Strangely, it's more efficient overall to have it pop about their system first. Amazon doesn't care to maximize their efficiency to you personally – the system is optimized to get billions of things from their warehouses to millions of places.
because it doesn't go directly from their warehouse to your house. It does to a central distribution center, it is picked up and then sent out
Happy Gramps:
usps delivers over 500 million pieces of mail & packages PER DAY and that's not during the Holiday season when that # increases by 1/4 to 1/3……..have some patience and thank your postal carrier for the job that he/she does !!

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