I owe the IRS money. I never paid them back from last year for my taxes. If I setup a payment plan will they still take it out of my taxes?

Will they take it out of my taxes this year? I had a friend that never paid his the year before and got back his full amount last year. Im just curious

Other answer:

yes if you have refund due this year and you owe they will take it and adjust your installment plan
Yes, they'll take any refund until you have paid off what you owe completely.
Are you sure your friend is giving you the full story? Money is one of the subjects that regularly gets embellished in conversations, also government issues, so talk of tax refunds is subject to double embellishment.
Beverly S:
Eventually your friend will find that he owes much more.. it can take 2 or 3 years before they realize & then they add all kinds of penalties & interest & late fees. If theyve fully completed your last years return they will take what you owe out, if they haven't you will be in the same boat as your friend. Setting up a payment plan a year later doesn't save you from them taking out what you owe from your refund.
Bostonian In MO:
The only way that your friend would get his full refund would be if the debt was paid in full before he filed his return.

One of the stipulations that you agree to if you are on a payment plan is that any refunds due will be offset in full until your debt is paid in full, even if you are making satisfactory progress on your payment plan.

David and Stephanie:
Yes, they will offset your refunds every year until your debt is fully paid. You should set up a payment plan, but that won't stop them from taking your refunds also.

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