I paid 3000.00 in interest from my home and I did not get any extra back in taxes. Why is that?

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It would appear that your total itemized deductions were not high enough to make itemizing worthwhile. You get a standard deduction of $6,300 (double that if you're married filing jointly) just for converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. With interest rates at historic lows it's not unusual at all to get no tax benefit from home ownership. That's especially true in the first year where you only get a partial year's worth of deductible costs such as mortgage interest and property taxes.
Re Vera:
You only get the benefit of state taxes paid, mortgage interest, charitable donations, and medical expenses if you itemize your deductions. For most people, the standard deduction is going to be greater than all their itemized deductions, so their mortgage interest is irrelevant.
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Ryan M:
Very easy….you did not itemize (or qualify to itemize) your deductions on Schedule A. That deduction usually only goes to people who pay a lot more in interest than just $3k.
if the $3K was all you could apply on your Sch A it is not enough to exceed your standard deduction and does not adjust your taxable income in any way thus you did not get more refund
at no time do you EVER get your mortgage interest as a refund, it merely adjusts your taxable income which could reduce the amount of income tax you owe
Because $3000 is less than the "standard" deduction. Even if you paid no interest, you would get back as much as if you had paid the "standard" amount. You don't get back more unless you paid more than the "standard" deduction.
Cathi K:
If that is all of your itemized deductions then they are too low to help. You need to go over the form for everything else you can itemize.
apparently you didn't itemize your deductions and just took the standard deduction
You didn't file correctly.

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