I paid state & federal taxes when I had gambling winnings (W-2G shows both taxes payment). Do I still need to report them to tax return?

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Your gamling winnings go on your federal tax return (Form 1040, Line 21). You may deduct your losses up to your winnings andalso deduct your state taxes (Schedule A Form 1040). You also put the federal tax paid on the tax return.

If your state of residence has state income taxes, your winnings go on the state return. If you won the money in a state where you are a nonresident, you may or may not have to file a tax return with that state, it depends on the state.

You didn't pay taxes, you had them withheld. You have to report your winnings on your tax return and enter the taxes withheld in the payments section. You may or may not get a refund. Gambling losses up to the amount of winnings can be reported on Sch. A, but you have to have proof.
Yes. The amount of W-2G is the tax withheld, which is not the same as the total that needs to be paid, which could be more or less. You need to report it and you need to calculate how much really needs to be paid.
It sounds like you don't understand what a tax return is. A tax return is the form you fill out for the IRS which adds up all of your income and calculates whether you paid the correct amount of tax. Of course you need to report all of your income (and all of the tax you paid).
of course, what shows on the W-2G is only withholding, you may not actually owe that much and you want to report that income along with your other income to make sure
actually no one knows, not even IRS, what you owe for income taxes until you file a tax return, anything this is withheld is merely advance payment
Of course you do. All winnings, including casino winnings, are income and must be reported on your tax return. Otherwise, you are committing tax fraud.
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You report the income on your tax return and take credit for tax paid.
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