I really need most of the suggestions, i am middle class person i dont have enough money to invest?

Other answer:

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Investing at Faircent seems best options
The compounded average annual growth rate of the stock market is about 11%. If you invest $150 per month in a low-fee (0.05%) total U.S. stock market ETF for 40 years, you will have about $1.3 million.
Pork-chop of Doom:
You only THINK you do not have enough money to invest, my friend….

If your Boss called everyone together and said "business is slow, so I have to ask each of you to take a 10% pay cut or find another job", chances are you would find a way to live on 10% less, right?

So do that to yourself! Take 10% of your pay FIRST, and invest it, then learn how to live on what's left…..

Pay YOURSELF first, or you will never be wealthy!

Yes – we live in a country where republicans pay off Billionaires for being Rich….. and you can go without.
Hi Raman,

I am sorry to hear this but I have to say that there are million, if not billions, of people in the same situation and they are struggling to make ends meet on the meagre salary they get and they can't afford to invest either.

I have to tell you that I'm one of them.

If you are fortunate enough one day you may find yourself in a position to be able to invest some of your money.



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