I receive survivors benefits and will be turning 67 in 2017. How much can I earn working without losing my benefits?

Other answer:

I believe it's less than $25,000 annually.
Call Dave Ramsey or go online Dave Ramsey.com
Wealth of information there
You can get Social Security retirement
or survivors benefits and work at the
same time. But, if you’re younger than
full retirement age, and earn more
than certain amounts, your benefits
will be reduced. The amount that your
benefits are reduced, however, isn’t
truly lost. Your benefit will increase
at your full retirement age to account
for benefits withheld due to earlier
earnings. (Spouses and survivors, who
receive benefits because they have
minor or disabled children in their care,
don’t receive increased benefits at full
retirement age if benefits were withheld
because of work.)
NOTE: Different rules apply if you receive
Social Security disability benefits or
Supplemental Security Income payments.
Then you must report all earnings to
Social Security. Also, different rules apply
if you work outside the United States.
Contact us if you’re working (or plan to
work) outside the country.
What kind of survivor's benefits?
Once you reach full retirement age, there is no earnings limitation.

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