I received a Visa debit card as a gift. Is it possible to get full value in CASH for this card?

I do NOT want to sell it on Ebay or on the various websites where u can buy gift cards for a lower price. I want to get full value. The reason I want cash is bc there are dormancy fees which are deducted from the card and I don't want to lose $ bc of the fees. Yes, I am grateful for the gift.

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Par 4:
I used to work in retail, and was told if anyone ever brought a gift card to me and asked for the entire value to contact my manager as it might be fraud. I'm not saying it won't work, I'm saying some people might look at you suspicious and not allow you to do it.
how much is the card? just use it for everything..food, transportation, clothing, etc…i can't imagine it being so high value you couldn't use it with incurring fees.

sure people will pay cash for it..typically these have at least a $4 fee…so if you sell it exactly at face value, there will be no fee for the person that buys it from you.

Elaine M:
Buy something that you need from any store that takes credit cards, it's just like cash there.
No, you cannot cash out gift cards.
No, but you can use it in a store, don't have to use online. Cam buy clothes or groceries with it.

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