I successful created a website. It went fine through this. Now I have no clue how to get traffic. So If anyone can help me.. please?

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In addition to having good content, you do need to advertise. Unlike a mall, where you walk around and see the stores…on the internet, no one can 'see' you unless they know exactly where to look.

Also, no matter what content you have up, someone else has up something similar that has been up longer.

You do not get 'word of mouth' advertising, unless people know where you are, have been there and are willing to convince other people to go back.

1- Advertise. If you are only local, put an ad in the local newspaper, get a URL code, and send out direct mail. Buy a mailing list. Send postcards with your website on the front and back.

2- If you are trying to attract people nationally or world wide – Use google and bing advertising. They will run an ad for your website on the side bars of all of their customers based on the amount you pay for advertising. They are big so your ads will be seen everywhere. Make your website easy for search engines to find. You want to make certain that your KEYWORDS match your website description and that your website refreshes frequently to update new content. You want to make certain that you have a Facebook page for your website, and that they link. You will also want to advertise on Facebook.

This is getting long. so – Find a book called How to Create Fund and start your own business – you can find it if you search.

Also find Fiverr. there are people there who will help you , do it for you or teach you. It does not cost a lot.

Wishing you well!

There are some of the techniques that u can adopt such as SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, etc. These techniques are well known and have a huge impact on ur business. Besides these techniques social media also plays a major role in the field of Internet Marketing. It has a huge impact in increasing the traffic towards your website.
As far as techniques are concerned you can implement the SEO techniques to generate traffic to ur website. You can perform the techniques either by your own or you can also seek help from freelancers on sites like SEOClerks at very cheap rate.
It's a well-known fact that most of the website traffic comes from search engines. Find the relevant keywords and optimize it into your website. Create a blog in your website then post useful, quality content and share it into social media sites. Create visual contents such as infographics, videos and place your link there. Find your niche blogs who offer a guest posting.
You could do lot of things to find the reader.
1. Share your post to Social media. FaceBook, Twitter, Reddit, Stumble
2. Do keyword research to ensure organic traffic.

You many slowly but steadily start getting traffic, once you follow the suggestion

You get authentic traffic by creating quality content people actually enjoy reading and sharing. There's no manipulation involved unless you're trying to take shortcuts here, driving traffic to crap. Publish good stuff often, and find communities of people who are most likely to share and enjoy your material.
If you prefer SEO then do more content promotion and blogging. If PPC then select the best hit keywords. You can run a facebook advertisement or paid press release ….
Here is a good article that helped me :] http://harpieshollow.com/2015/09/how-to-get-traffic-to-your-website/
Online Advertising Rates:
Get help from professional webmasters advice.
Advertise with strategic plans.
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