I want to file bank ruptsy.. Do I qualify? I am about no more than $20,000 is debt. I make about $20,000 a year at the most.. I am only 24?

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1. You can't file against student loans.
2. Your monthly bills must be more than you can cover with your monthly income.
3. It helps if you are behind on payments or if you have things in collection agencies.
4. Bankruptcy lawyers offer a free consultation to help determine if you qualify. When you make an appointment, know how much income you have each month and know how much your monthly payments are. You can take a list of your bills…..include the total balance owed and the monthly payment. Also list any bill that is with a collection agency. You also need to list things you pay money for but might not be filing agaisnt, such as rent and utility bills. ANYTHING you spend money on needs to be listed.
Ziff Spiffington:
depends on what kind of debt – if it's loan and credit cards, you might only be able to file Chapter 13, which requires paying back some of that debt
that might depend on a lot of circumstances you don't post here
with only $20K in debt and age 24 you probably won't qualify
Cathi K:
Not enough info. You cannot use bankruptcy over and over to get rid of debt so you need to learn how to manage money. The bk court will require you take a money class.
You might qualify, but it's a real bad idea if you have any other options.
You should consider paying off your debt – lower your expenses as much as you can and pay off as much as you can on a monthly basis.
Depends. You need to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer.
What kind of debt is it? If it's student loans, they can't be discharged.
Max Hoopla:

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