I want to start a bakery and it's competitive. I want to focus on cakes. How much money should i have to start ?

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Depends on where you are and what kind of vision you have. You could start out of your kitchen for a few hundred dollars or spend $250,000 on a whole set up. You'll need to do more market specific research in your area, but I wouldn't imagine any less than $20,000 would serve you well.
maybe you can buy a bakery that is already set up, and pay the price they ask for, or start a new one, get equipment, shelves, cases, all the implements you need, get your health permits, insurance, business license, pay for a lease, hire employees et al
the price can vary, you might get used equipment, you might find a good location that doesn't demand a high rent, maybe you can do all the work yourself and not rely on employees, but you need plenty of capital to work for several months, this might not be a good business to jump into, so prior market research might be your first step
For starters: what is your experience in bakery. Money aren't a problem, as you can have a loan. The problems is your vision of business and good business plan.
Estimate the startup costs and expenses and calculate how much capital is needed to open the business.
Sharon S:
$50,000 at least to start

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