I want to start blog writing , tell me how can i start ,don't tell me the steps. i just want to how to start wrting?

i know the process just tell me the writing steps..

Other answer:

If you know the process, as you so claim, wouldn't the process involve the writing? If you are actually asking what to write about, then I don't know why you want to write a blog. I would think that you want to write a blog because there are topics that you have something to write about.
First, decide what you want to write about — the subject matter. It should be something you know a lot about, from personal experience and education.

Second, bone up on your grammar, punctuation, spelling. Nothing says you don't know what you're talking about as much as misspelled words (like their vs. they're) and sloppy spelling. Avoid letting your writing program suggest or finish words for you.

Third, get some practice with writing before you go out there and expose your skills to the whole world. You want to write intelligently, making good paragraphs without run-on sentences or repetition in your subject matter. You can lose a lot of readers that way. (Ho, hum, boring, let's move on to something else.) Be concise.

Fourth, make your writing interesting and entertaining. The use of descriptive phrases can make a subject come alive. Like for example, "They flocked around him like a pack of hungry wolves" or "he looked as if he was holding a dead rat by the tail".

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John D:
That's why I don't ever go to blogs.
1. Pick up pencil in dominant hand.
2. Write on something.
Casey Y:
Start writing…then figure out where to post your content.
write like you are reporting your life to your diary or to another friend, or your opinions on any subject you choose, maybe a different one every day or a response to something you saw or read that day

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