I want to start my own business will any one help me?

Other answer:

What area would you like to go in?
Food, Clothes, Technology.

What research are you going to collect in to help you see your vision?
Market research from the public? so go out on to the street and ask local people to see what they think.Market research from the internet? So go on to facebook groups, tweet about it if you have twitter. Market research from Leaflets / flyers delivering ? Depending on how much you have got, go get some questionnaires done or something, leave your e-mail for them to email you back or your address so they can post it back to you and see what you get.

How much do you have you would be able to invest in it?
About £250? or between £500 – £1,000?

Do you think there is a gap for your idea in the market?
Yes I can my idea on the market and people will love it with there support
I can see many places that is similar to my idea and not many people will be interested in it.

How much money do you want bringing into the company once started / opened?
£500,00 within the first 1 and a 1/2? £1 million within the first 3 years?

How many people would you take on as employees to help you make sales?
5 – 10 people? Or 20 p+us people?

Start with a simple business plan and financial projections to understand whether the business is viable.
Md Shohidul Islam:
What type of business do you want to start?
Figure out what you would want your business to be about. Then, find people you would want to work for you and rent out a place and then make your own business.
Preetish Gungabissoon:
Make a business plan then present it to the bank for grant. Moreover you should already have a land, capital and you will need labour as well. Then you can begin with your job. Good luck
only people with money they are willing to lend you

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