I was at Sprouts and the woman in front of me was buying 11 packages of raw beef and 7 gallons of milk, and that was all. Why?

it just really haunts me. i don't know if it was related but she was on the much larger side. what could she have needed it for you know

Other answer:

How big were the packages of raw beef? Maybe she has a lot of kids to feed. Maybe they like chili or something. Maybe she has a foster home with 50 kids. Maybe she already had the other ingredients, and just needed the beef. The milk might be for breakfast, for several days, for zillions of kids. The chili might go in a huge pot.
Even though most any answer given here will forever be an assumption, I would say that if you are saying the item was not on sale it can be true that this woman was buying her beef in bulk because it is less now in price, more so than other seasons. Like the summer when many are putting burgers on the grill.
Elaine M:
You could have asked her.

She was stocking up on meat for the freezer most likely, and possibly doing a dairy run for a day care or several other people since milk won't keep for long. I've gotten stuff for relatives in 'bulk' that way especially when eggs came down to 69 cents a dozen.

Pork-chop of Doom:
She was making a beef steak dish for a dozen or so people that calls for soaking the beef in milk overnight before cooking it?

Many people soak their beef in milk before cooking it, unless they follow a Kosher diet that forbids doing so…..so are YOU Jewish, and hence unaware of this widespread practice? Or have you just led a very "sheltered" life?

She buys in quantity when Sprouts has a reduction in price of certain items and stores them in her refrigerator and freezer for later use.
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Maybe it was on sale. Or she just always buys in large quantities. Both of those items can be frozen.
Beef is a high quality foody
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