I was told that non-board members can't be givent phone numbers to HOA board members,neither can we non-members contact them, is this true?

This is regarding condo rentals

Other answer:

It depends on the policies established by your specific HOA.
I own and live in a condo with an HOA community. All of the board members also live in the community, and anyone, owner or renter, can contact them thru their board email addresses.
As for phone numbers, that may indeed be a privacy issue, but board members should be reachable by residents.
If you have an issue, you may need to go through your landlord. You might also look online. Our CC&R are posted online and can be accessed by anyone who knows the name of the community.
But your documents may be totally different.
if those are their rules yes…but it is ridiculous not to allow contact for OWNERS..they should at least allow email/written notes

rentals? anyone renting would not be a member of the HOA….they are not the OWNER..only the OWNER needs to be in contact with the board…the tenant is in contact with their landlord who should be able to contact the board.

my idea is to have a renters liaison..1 renter that is in contact with the board..and any renter with an issue goes through the liaison

The HOA is not allowed to give you their phone numbers, but you can mail themrsomething or knock on their doors
Correct. If you are not a board member & not an owner you can have nothing to do with board activities.
Read your specific HOA charter.
True. It saves the members from nuisance calls.
Pascal the Gambler:
Only if the by laws say so, which is highly doubtful.
if you know they names you can contact them

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