I work at a warehouse and I passed out and they told me they was giving me a week to get my doctors approval for me to come back. Will she?

Like will she approve for me to go back? I go see her tomorrow and my regular shift is tomorrow night

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Jamia Johnson:
The doctor won't simply approve you to go back to work. They'll want to run tests to see if they can find the cause of the black out. Passing out at work can be dangerous to you and to those around you, so you shouldn't be cleared to return to work unless they know why it happened. If you know why it happened, be honest with the doctor about it (like if you ingested something you shouldn't have or if you've been ill) to shorten the list of possible causes.
It doesn't sound like you've given your doctor enough time to properly investigate the situation before your shift tomorrow night.
Of course! It's just a precaution to make sure you are fit to work. Only the doctor can give a go signal. So once you have the medical proof, your boss has no option but let you go back to work.
Many different things can cause you to pass out, some ranging from bad to severely dangerous. Go get a work up (check up) done just to be safe.
It depends on why you fainted. If the doctor thinks it was just dehydration or tiredness then yes you will go back. But if it was something serious then you may not go back right away
Look after your health first. Having a job is moot if you pass out at it. Something is going pretty wrong if that's happening so figure that out first.