I worked for a pyramid sceme company didnt know at first but once i figured it out i quit, they owed me 50$ that i never received?

For some reason my updates did not apply for some reason. The overall question is, is it legal for them to give me a w-2 form for money that i never received, and what do i do not file that one w-2 in my tax refund?
I do not care about getting the money i just do not know how to proceed with my tax refund.

Other answer:

Nathanael r:
They showed you who the smartest one is!馃槀
Senegence is reliable
Of course – they're crooked….. probably republicans.

They will phuck you every time. And that $50 is part of your payment for your education.

Casey Y:
I assume you meant to phrase this as a question…you aren't getting that $50.

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