I would like to get me a tax ID number so I can purchase wholesale products for personal use. How can I and how much would it cost in TX?

Best Answer:

Mike: If it were that simple everyone would do it.

Getting a resale ID would create a whole bunch of issues for you. If the state thinks that you are a business, you would be required to:

1) File an annual report with the Secretary of State.
2) Pay Use Tax on everything that you use and do not resell.
3) File monthly, quarterly or annual sales tax returns.
4) File annual franchise tax returns.
5) File annual personal property tax returns.

As Texas does not have an income tax, they are quite aggressive in their enforcement and collection of other state taxes.

Doing all these would, most likely, cost you more than you would ever save.

Other answer:

I don't understand what you're trying to do. Are you trying to get out of paying state sales tax or are you just trying to get better bulk pricing? Two very different things…

It is illegal to purchase things for resale (sales tax-free) that you intend to consume yourself.

As far as bulk purchasing goes, it's up to the distributor to decide if they want to sell to you or not. Most will require not just a tax ID number (you already have one of those…it's your social security number), but also a copy of your business license and possibly a copy of your articles of incorporation or a state department of revenue tax return for your business. There is also likely a rather large minimum order required.

The intent was not to evade sales taxes. It was to get bulk size products as a wholesale price and split the orders with friends. So (some of you) please don't jump to conclusions that I intend to violate the law. That said; from the good answers, I got it will not worth the trouble. It is interesting to note that the company I intended to buy from is a major supplier to restaurant supplier and the type of product I am interested in is unprocessed sub-primal meat which I would then cut into steaks and roasts. I used to work at the company and they have many "customers" who are real estate companies and many others who are not at all in the food or resturaunt business. Interesting hauh…
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Andy L:
1.5 times the sales tax in Texas as intent to evade sales tax.
Can't do it for personal use. It's only for resale.