Iam looking for a legitimate work from home job that I can make at least $30.000 a year, any ideas?Immediate start.Please advise!TY?

Other answer:

Just as 'Astronaut' or 'Cowboy' jobs exist, work form home jobs exist.

If you are already employed by a company see what their rules are about letting you telecommute.

If you have office skills like graphic design, bookkeeping, great typing, etc, you can become a virtual assistant or a freelancer on Fiverr. The company I work for hires Fiverr folks for on line tasks, such as writing content for our websites and designing product presentations.

The federal government has some telecommuting jobs, but, you have to get hired and work in the office for 2-3 years first.

Check websites like Your Harmonic resonance for work form home jobs and a GREAT LIST of scams to avoid.

See if the book called working from home using your computer and your brain is still at the library or bookstore or borrow it from someone and read it.

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A Hunch:
Unless you are able to make your own job like virtual assistant or are qualified for standard remote jobs like translation or medical billing, it's not going to happen.
Casey Y:
They don't eist.
hahahaha, that dream doesn't exist

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