If a job is closed for a week and u suppose to get paid that week when will u get paid?

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I love my direct deposit, for the last 3 1/2 years, my company deposits my paycheck into my bank account every Friday at 8am without fail. If Friday is a major holiday and the payroll dept is closed, we get paid a day early. Otherwise I always get paid on payday regardless if we work or not that day.

Now if you are paid by paper check, some companies send you a check in the mail while others require you to pick up your check in person. Your employer will have their own policy, but you may be able to pick up your check at the office, even if the plant is closed. At the very least, they will have to give you your check on the next work day. Sometimes companies will post this information next to the timeclock, in break areas and or in the office. If you are really concerned, ask a supervisor.

If you don't get direct deposit, you should really look into it and see if your company offers it. If they do, they should have their own payroll card if you don't have or want a bank account and you always get paid on time without fail even if you don't work on payday. You can cash out a payroll card at an ATM and bam, you're paid.

Assuming you are paid by electronic deposit, you will get paid on your normal day (unless that is a bank holiday, then it's usually the day before).
If you are paid by check, you will have to pick up the check when the company reopens (often, companies will pre issue the checks in this situation)
If it's not deposited directly to your bank account, you will need to wait until the office/work is open again.
Same as every month… When the salary is paid into your account (around the 28th day).
The regular payday for that week
Depends if you get holiday pay.