If a landlord is doing a pest inspection, can they go through my couch cushions and unmake my bed and inspect it without my knowledge?

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Shala S:
You were given notice that your landlord would be inspecting the rental unit. In the inspection of the rental unit they would inspect each area of the rental unit where there might be pest.

Apparently your landlord or the inspectors were looking for evidence of bed bugs. In this case the inspection of all potential places you would find bedbugs would be inspected.

Bed bugs normally are found in beds sofas or couches. In this matter the inspectors would be doing a through job by inspecting the sofa and bed covers, mattress and bed springs to find out if you have bedbugs.

If the inspectors did not do such a through job and you later found these pest in your rental unit, you would be back on this site to find out if you are able to sue the landlord for bedbugs. When your landlord take proactive measures in making sure your rental unit and your are not bothered by pest.When a landlord is doing his job you want to question their motives and want to know if they are allowed to inspect for bugs without your knowledge.

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R P:
It sounds like the landlord and/or pest exterminator is looking for evidence of bedbugs. If that is the case, yes, they can inspect the couch cushions and bedding.
Chris P:
If they told you about the pest inspection – then yes they can. A standard part of a pest inspection is to inspect areas were pests may be nesting, soft furnishings and beddings are some of the most common places for nesting – particularly among rodents.
Pascal the Gambler:
if you were notified in advance of the inspection they can inspect all they want to find what they are looking for
if the disturb your bed they are looking for bed bugs which can be a terrible infestation if not taken care of asap
Here YES obviously
Yes, but make sure none of your underwear is missing.
They are looking for bed bugs.
Yes they can…especially if they are checking for bedbugs.

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