If an employee has an illness/death in the family, will his evaluation reflect better if the sick/bereavement days were scheduled in advance?

I know that you can't help it if a loved one is sick or has passed on, but I'm wondering if calling your job at the last minute to inform HR of illness or passing is the equivalent of the employee him/herself calling in sick (nothing serious, will feel better in a day or two, etc.).

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Donald B:
Missing work is fine as long as you do not over do it. One day absences are generally considered by the boss as a personal day off as a real illness takes at least a couple of days. Death Obvously is a rare occasion and you really only should take off a couple of hours for a funeral unless it is a very close relative like a grandparent. Aunts, uncles and cousins do note rate more than going to a funeral. At the end of the year there will be some people who have lots more absences than others and it is always taken into consideration when raises or promotions come up
Think about it. If you were the HR department what would you say if someone called in and said "I'll need a day off next month because I think my relative is going to die", or "the flu bug is going around so I expect to get sick next week on Friday"? Some things have no lead time and unless you have family who die every week, there shouldn't be any problem.
Flatulent Tea Bag Face:
They'd have to be really screwed up to not have sympathy, they should all have a policy in place for when this happens and even if it's not that close of a relative, for example one of my Uncle's died, I telephoned work to ask for the day off for the funeral, just a day because it wasn't like it was my Dad or anything, and so they gave me authorised absence for that day, not the same as a sick day because I wasn't sick, but an authorised absence.
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I've never had an evaluation in which bereavement days were an issue/item.
1. How do you know "in advance" if someone is going to die and when?

2. How do you know "in advance" you are going to be sick?

Furthermore, any "real" job is not going to penalize you for being sick or having a family member die. Most real jobs have these things called "vacation and sick days" not to mention "funeral leave".

There is no equivalent for something which precludes advance notice, e.g., death.

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