If are bi-weekly, and you earn $12 per hour, what would your bi-weekly paycheck look like?

How much would this be, in other words?

Other answer:

That depends on how many hrs a week you work. In a comment you stated you work 40 hrs a week.
40 x 7 / number of days you worked = ____ x 12.00 = ___ what you should get in a week, before any taxes or fees that are taken out of your pay check.
If you work 40 hours a week then your gross wages would be $960. Haven't a clue as to your net since it depends upon tax deductions and whether or not you have health insurance premiums deducted. You want to know? Then ask HR.
Working how many hours a week? What did you put on your W-4? What city and state?
depends on how many hours you work each week plus how many deductions you claimed on your W-4
how many hours do you work bi-weekly?

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