If I am 17 and my brother is 18 can I live with him?

I m currently 16 and my brother is almost 18 and he plans on moving out when he turns 18. Can I move with him when he leaves? I would get a job and help pay rent and buy everything, and it would only be for a year until I can buy my own place.

Other answer:

You can if you parents allow it. You will not be buying anything when you are 18 as you will not have a credit score nor the required 20% down payment and two years of job history with a paycheck high enough to cover all of the expenses of a condo or house.
Your brother will find it near impossible to find a landlord to rent to him as he is only 18 with no rental history, no credit record and landlords will require an adult guarantor…… so two teenagers living together unlikely even if you live in a country that allows you to leave home at 16yr old
No. You cannot just go live with someone when they rent. You cannot live with anyone renting unless their landlord agrees to it. No landlord with 1/2 a brain will rent to 2 teenagers.
You are a minor. No, you cannot. You would be considered a runaway. Wait until you of legal age to move out. Then, you can share with whomever you want to.
Jinger Rose:
If your parents allow it you most certainly can. Also if your brother is going to college it will make it easier to rent.
your parents are still responsible for you until you reach maturity, if they don't agree to your moving, no
and your brother is not your legal guardian and not responsible for you or your actions(as your parents are)
if your parents agree…you think you can BUY a place at 18?
Pascal the Gambler:
Only if the LL allows it AND your parents give permission.
With the permission of your parents and his landlord

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