If I eventually get paid out from my life insurance for total and permanent disablement, how will this affect other benefits?

currently receive hb to help with mortgage interest, contribution based esa support group, ctc, and pip my belief is the only one that is income based is the hb.

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caroline B:
Disability attached to life insurance USUALLY would just pay the premiums on the life insurance policy. You should call the company to find out.
caroline B:
Hiya people… there seems to be a misunderstanding here… i am in no doubt to whether or not i have a legitimate claim… they just making it as difficult as possible… the question relates to my benefits… and wld the housing benefit want all the money they have paid to help me out back during my unemployment…not asking about the insurance policy itself… as i am sure i have a valid claim to it… cheers x
Life Insurance does not cover disability, only death.
It would be extremely unusual for your life insurance to "pay out" cash for you, due to a disability. Any payments would reduce the death benefit.
Ziff Spiffington:
read the policy – usually disability is not included in Life Insurance – that's a totally separate insurance policy
You'll be dead, if your life insurance pays out.
We don't know. You're the only one with access to the policy.

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