If I make $8.75 an hour and work about 36 hours a week how much will my paycheck next? I live in West Virginia if that helps any.?

Other answer:

you can figure this out yourself, rate x hours= gross
gross x 7.65% = FICA withholding
maybe your state has an employee tax it could be 1% or more or less
the amount of income tax withheld will depend on how you filed your W-4 with your employer
but you can go to www.irs.gov and find publication 15(Circular E) to find out what the income tax will be
It depends on what you put on your W4. But you will have to pay social security and medicare.
$227.43 is my estimation.

If you are making over $25,000 Gross per year than another 4.5% minus

about $280. depends on tax w/h, etc.
$315 will be your weekly earnings.
You couldn't do the math on your own… on a calculator
Bostonian In MO:
Run the numbers here -> http://www.PayCheckCity.com
nothing because u have to eat

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