If i move to california, but still have an indiana license, can i still look for work?

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Ralph Waldo Emerson:
I suggest you get your job in CA before you move from Indiana. You can apply online, interview online, and ask for assistance with a place to stay from that same person who hires you. Jobs are tight unless you're super experienced in something, but the rentals are super expensive and I fear you will end up living on the street with nowhere to turn and penniless.

I suggest you go live with relatives (wherever they are) and pay them a little rent and take a minimum wage job or a weekend job and go thru an employment agency who deals in what your career is in. When you see yourself one month short for your future rental it's time to come home. I'd say don't go changing anything till you get that job and retain your home address back in Indiana till you're working for a few months.

I'm in a different state but here if you change your license you have to change your car insurance and another state's car insurance (especially in a state like CA where it's heavy traffic) would rise exponentially and you'll be stuck..

Are you speaking of a driver's license or a care license?

Your potential employer would not have a a problem with the state your vehicle is registered and normally not with your driver license. Most those looking for a job would tell their employer they have not gotten around to changing their driver's or auto license.

When you decide to get your auto tags n California you are gonna be in shock when you would be required to have your car go through the California smog test. If your car do not pass the smog check you could be required to pay in $800 or more to have your car pass the smog test.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Bostonian In MO:
CA requires you to get a CA license within 10 days of establishing CA residency. You generally have 20 days to get CA tags for your vehicle.

You are not required to be a CA resident to look for work. If your intent is to settle in CA only if you find work then you generally are not treated as a CA resident until you have been in CA for more than 6 months.

Beverly S:
Yes, but you must get a CA. license within 30 days of moving.
Gary B:
You job doesn't care what license plate you haev.

But the police do, and when you get a job you will be driving the same routes day after day.

The police WILL notice, and after 90 days they WILL ticket you for not getting yoru plates renewed.

if you come to Calif and are not merely a tourist and plan to stay here Calif wants you to register your vehicle within 10 days and this does make you a Calif. resident
you would do well to come to Calif by other means than your car and find the job first
You can certainly LOOK for work, but there's no guarantee that you'll FIND any. Don't forget to bring your Social Security card.
Casey Y:
Sure, but if they want you to drive, you need to transfer anyway.
You can look.

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