If I paid "pet rent" for my dog at a place I rented are the able to charge me fees for pet damage? Isn t that what the pet rent is for?

Other answer:

Yes, you will be charged for any pet damage.

The amount you paid in pet rent is just that – rent. That money is not applied to the cost to repair any pet damage in the unit.

Bostonian In MO:
No, of course not! The pet rent allows your pet to live there.

The rent that you pay for yourself — human rent if you will — merely allows you to live there. It does NOT cover any damages beyond fair wear and tear that you cause. In all cases, YOU as the tenant are liable for all damage done by you, your invited guests, and your pets.

Yes, they can and WILL charge for any pet damage. Pet rent is not for damages. It is merely an extra amount you pay monthly for the privilege of having a pet.
No its just for your pet living there. My 2 daschoundhs(bradly and vincent) once some how got through my the wall to my neighbors appartment and pooped and peed all over and tore the kitchen up eating a bunch of food. They beat up his cat and he claims they humped a bunch of random furnishings around the house including his bed pillows. The pet rent i was paying 30$ a month each, didnt cover the damage. But i did sue the guy for kicking bradly and chipping his tooth and i didnt have to pay for ****. Yea i would say sue the guy
No. Rent and Damages are entirely different. Your rent and your pet's rent allow you both to live there. You are responsible for all damages, independent from monthly rent due.
Pet rent is the same as people rent. You pay extra for all pet damages.
Pet rental lows you the privilege of having a pet in your rental unit.The pet rental have nothing to do with any damage found in the rental unit.

In the event there is damage to the rental unit by your dog, you would be charged for the damage caused by your dog.

If you fail to pay for the damage caused by your dog, your landlord is able to sue you for the cost of the damage in court.

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Same thing as you paid rent to live there, if you damage the property you pay for the damage…pet rent is just to allow your pet to live there
Pet rent (for the right to occupancy) is not used for damages. A security deposit and renters insurance is what covers property damages & liability.

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