If I register my company in China can I avoid paying VAT & higher taxes in UK? Amazon selling business. I live & born in UK.?

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esachica: Know actual educated adults in ur country ?
They can explain why not happening legally

Other answer:

I think your bigger challenge will be achieving registration in china !!
(Local ownership is typically required – and that means finding a local partner….who you trust not to seize when successful or alternatively take excessive expenses from the company)

A sale in the UK is still liable to UK VAT
in fact online sales are expected (by HMRC) to collect VAT and send it back…
-> many US companies selling software and services are now seen to charge VAT when you use a EU based Credit card (as proof of sales point), rather than when it is delivered to.
So Amazon will do it for you !

Agreed, policing it may be a challenge,

and if you manage to keep sales under the 15 pounds import duty threshold – you will be legal…

So end user pays no matter what.
and you buy a product with/without VAT depending your source.. as before

so not sure there is an advantage in the end.

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You trade in the UK you must register and pay taxes in the UK,

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