If I said I would pay you 5000 a month NOT to shop at walmart, would you give up on Walmart?

How about 9000 every month for a year, to stop shopping at walmart?

Other answer:

Sure. I don't shop at Walmart anyways.
Casey Y:
Why not? Don't shop there anyway? What do you have against Walmart? Did they kill your small business? Sorry, but that's the nature of a competitive marketplace and they have all of the leverage.
I shop at Nordstrom. That will buy 9 suits.

WalMart takes advantage of low income poor people.

Sure. I don't shop at Walmart for free anyway, but feel free to give me money.
No, but if you gave me the money up front, I would abstain for a month. Just saying you'd pay isn't worth much to me.
Jamie N:
yes sir

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