If my husband is on ssi purchasing life insurance will that be counted as income and lower or cancel his ssi?

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Thomas Armijo:
If the policy is a whole life or universal life and has cash value in the policy, then yes, it can be counted as income and will effect your SSI. Because those policies are the most expensive to buy.

Just buy a term policy with level payments for 10 or 20 or 30 years. Term policies will not effect your SSI.

No reason why he can't purchase life insurance. It is only when you have the type of policy which you can cash in that it could exclude him from SSI entitlement. The cash-in value plus other countable resources cannot equal $3000 ($2000 if single). SSI doesn't count the value of the home you live in nor ONE motor vehicle. The full value of the lesser vehicle is counted towards the resource limit.

SSI does not count life insurance with a face value of $1500 or less. Input SSI and countable resources.

Casey Y:
If anything other than a term policy…it is an asset.
Thomas Armijo:
if it can be barrowed against then it is counted as income if someone has a different answer I would like to near it . thanks

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