If my landlord evict me without give me 30 days notice and my unit was not licensed by the city ,can i sue the rent i paid ? (2 years)?

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No, you cannot "sue the rent you paid". If you were to sue the landlord, you would lose. You never get rent money back for the time you lived there and you were evicted for cause. Otherwise, you would not have been evicted. Landlords can file for eviction on an emergency basis. Sometimes, people are ordered out in as few as three days. You were evicted with cause and are not entitled to any portion of a rental refund.
Of course you can sue. In the US, anyone can sue anybody for anything. Can you win, that is the real question.

First of all, if the landlord is evicting your for breach of contract (your lease), the lease is no longer in effect. He can give you a 3 to 5 day notice to leave is property following by court filings to get you out.

The fact that you lived in the unit for two years knowing that the landlord was not legit is on you. As stated earlier, you can sue, but you will be wasting your time.

Bostonian In MO:
At best the court will deny the landlord's claim for any unpaid rents. The eviction will still be granted if you were found in violation of your lease.

FYI, in most jurisdictions that require a certificate of occupancy for rental use, the code compliance officer can have you removed much more quickly than the courts can evict you if the property is deemed unfit for human habitation.

You will need to review the city statute to see what is the remedy if a LL fails to properly register a rental unit within the city limits

I have seen in certain jurisdictions were a tenant can bring a cause of action against the LL for rent paid

two things here, both illegal, renting a unit that is not eligible for occupation, and failing to give a 30 day notice
you lived in it 2 yrs, you occupied the space(you ate the steak) and you may or may not have known it was not eligible but that doesn't matter, you willing lived there and paid rent
you can certainly try to sue if you want but you likely will not prevail
Casey Y:
Whether an illegal unit or not, you still signed an agreement and paid rent.

You can file for wrongful eviction perhaps, but you don't have a fight to get back any previously paid rent.

I don't know the licensing issue, but it's very likely that it wouldn't go anywhere because it could be argued that you voluntarily lived there despite this knowledge. In any case, your lease is a contract saying you'll pay rent during its term. Whether or not the landlord is licensed properly shouldn't impact your term to pay.
Nuff Sed:
Yes, of course you can sue. All you need is proof that the contract was entered as a matter of fraud, making your obligation to pay irrelevant. Yes, you obtained some benefit, but the landlord is not allowed to PROFIT from their crime, i.e., they may be ordered to refund some (if not all) of their ill-gotten gains, in addition to the actual damages arising from their unlawful termination and self-help eviction.
You don't get a 30 day notice for eviction. A 30 day notice is to let you know your lease isn't being renewed. You lived there for two years so I doubt you would win any action against your landlord. You don't get to live for free.
landlords can't evict in the US, only a court can….if you failed to make your case in court, no you can't sue…

even if you did have a case, you would not get past rent back..at best you would get moving expenses.


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