If Obama is really from Hawaii, then why doesn't he show us his birth certificate?

He's probably from Kenya!

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Lib Nemesis ©: It is very unlikely that Obama was born in Hawaii

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Lib Nemesis ©:
Wow you're 8 years out of date. It was made public way WAY back, multiple times.

Frankly you're looking like a fool for asking this.

a so called b'certificate was revealed many years ago
Razors Edge:
No "president" in history has gone to such extreme lengths to prevent the release of information, labeled the most secretive administration ever by the press…..so much for transparency LIE
Iggy Rocko:
He showed the certificate years ago.
Keep believing your lies to each other. Obama is leaving any your dunce hats are still there.Obama is from the White House. Get over it.
he has shown it many times
the kenyans did release his birth papers. LOL

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