If someone bid on my item on ebay and it ended do they HAVE to pay?

If someone bid on my item on ebay and it ended do they HAVE to pay?
They havent paid and ive sent an invoice

Other answer:

I once waited 3-4 weeks to get paid, but the buyer kept in touch with me. They paid by USPS money order and I shipped the day the MO arrived.

If the buyer ignores you, wait 4 days and then file an unpaid item dispute. This gives the buyer one more chance to pay you. If they don't your final value fee is refunded and you can list the item again.

No one at eBay will force them to pay.

If they don't pay, notify Ebay and Ebay will probably ban them.
Well, not legally binding, I don't think, but Ebay will probably black-list a user that attempts fraud.
plus you can file unpaid item case
Flatulent Tea Bag Face:
They are contractually obliged to pay but you have to allow them three working days. If they don't pay after that amount of time then you can take them to a small claims court although it's up to you whether it's worth bothering or not. When folk have done that to me I've just blocked them.
Ziff Spiffington:
that's the idea and bidder should know a bid is a contract

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