If the warehouse where I store stock goes bust, what happens to my stock?

I rent space in a warehouse.

What happens to my stock if that company goes bust?

Best Answer:

michaelstuartcrawley: You will need to collect it all immediately.
Make sure you have a proper written agreement. This needs to show all stock in your area us your property.
Yiu also need to insure your stock against fire, flood and theft.

Other answer:

When any company goes bankrupt, the premises is usually locked down
prohibiting anyone from entering. You should get an order allowing your entry
to remove your goods.You will need to be accompanied by trustees and be
able to show absolute proof of your rental contract and ownership of the goods.
Otherwise everything will likely be liquidated.
You prove it is your stock or it will be taken to pay debts of the warehouse owner, then you get it out, rent and store it elsewhere
You have a key, right? Get your stuff out before it is sold.

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