If wealth was distributed evenly could w all be rich?

To a degree?

Other answer:

For a short time. But the average person would blow it on stupid stuff and those same rich people would end up with the money back in the end.

It is unfortunate that people like you are so jealous of others because you have no idea to increase your wealth on your own.

Thurston Howell III:
No. In short order the rich would be rich again and slack jawed berry picking poor people would be poor again soon. Why ? Because most poor people are stupid and always make stupid lifestyle decisions that will keep them poor. Now guys like me and the Donald who both have more bread than a prison meatloaf may be despised but we are right and you neck tattoo three tooth morons that floss with a rope know it.
don r:
"Rich" is having a lot more than the average person. If everyone had the same resources, nobody would be rich, but that doesn't mean they can't take care of their needs. Some resource is beyond cash and involves the ability to earn material.
Pork-chop of Doom:
Since you live in the USA, you already ARE "rich" from a global perspective….the 'poorest' people in the United States of America have far more than very many people in the rest of the world….

How rich are you?

Punch your household net worth into this calculator to see; http://www.shnugi.com/networth-percentil…

Based on your home address ( http://www.whatismyipaddress.com ) you are in fact already living in a household that is among the wealthiest 10% on the planet!


even in the best of socialized countries there are those who have more than others, those in power etc and because everything is so regulated and laws so restrictive people can't complain that so and so has that big mansion and all the fancy food they want to eat
No. Everyone would end up with nothing. See Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea.
Liberal Fascist:
All redistribution schemes fail when you run out of other peoples money and they stop producing.
Lmao you would all be poor and living in misery, meanwhile the Bankers and the Elite would be living happily.
John M:
No, we'd all be equally poor, with no hope of being anything else.
no because if it was all even then the prices of everythong else would have to rise because then money is worth less

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