If you are evicted and had to live in your car… how much would you need per month to get by?

How much would you require to get by without starving to death?

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Technically are we talking about living in your car and paying for fuel, insurance etc as well, or living in a stationary unfuelled car parked somewhere?
If you drive the car and have to pay for insurance etc it depends on your age- a 50 yr old who has driven for 30 years is going to pay much less insurance than a 17 yr old with a fresh lisence.
Then there's fuel, and how much you drive the car.
If we're going by food alone, and you live off of bread and water you could perhaps spend £1 a day, so £30 a month. If you wanted to eat healthily perhaps you could scrape on £5 a day just. That's £150 month. Most normal people spend about £200+ month on food.
Then there's clothes, and washing clothes at the launderette, and all other little things like phone top up.
I'd say to just about survive you'd need £50 a month.(if you have no help and you are stationed somewhere in a parked car.)
To LIVE you'd need at least £250 month at least.
To be comfortable? Probably over £400.
Love big words:
I could survive on a few jars of peanut butter and day old bread for a very long time.
how much do you eat, $400,$300, $200, surely you can't live on $100/mo
I'd end my life before I got that bad off. but then I am 70.
Food is free at the soup kitchen…$400/mo absolute min