If you could afford it would you quit your job for several months?

I am facing that same position. On January 1st I will officially quit my job and spend the next several months training for the job I want.

Best Answer:

Stan M: Nothing wrong with that. If you have found a better job and can get trained for it is just a few months, take that step. It is amazing how most of us can only hang around a job for only a year. Jobs can be boring and we are always looking for something more challenging and lucrative.
It is a sad thing when it comes time to hand in a letter of resignation with a two week notice. But, if they don't like us to leave, they should plan to give us a raise every few months to keep us on the job. They can't help it if they are boring us to death, but they can do something about losing us. A RAISE!!!

Other answer:

Stan M:
Did you ever notice that wealthy people actually have jobs, or at least things they do businesswise every day?
That's what I'm doing now as well!
I would quit forever!
sure.. start fresh

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