If you find out from taxes that you made over 40,000 dollars but not seeing it.. what may be the reason?

My fiance has found out that he has but is is finding he is getting less from it. Could it be due to the person doing the taxes or?

Other answer:

I take it from your post that the income tax prepared is not showing the amounts he knows he made, this could be the preparer's lack of ability and using the forms of someone else
don't accept what he knows is wrong
Your refund is not proportional to what you made.
Trivial One:
Haven't either of you ever had a job before? You get your gross pay (which is the hourly rate times the number of hours worked, or a straight salary). From that, the employer deducts Social Security and Medicare taxes, federal income tax withholding, state income tax withholding, maybe local tax withholding, and maybe a head count tax. They also deduct any voluntary deductions for things like health insurance premiums, parking, contributions to the 401(k), etc. The result is your net pay–what you get in your check. NOBODY ever gets the same net as gross pay.

In my case, my net pay is about 55% of my gross pay, which means that almost half of my check is withheld for some reason or another. Nobody cheated me out of it–it went to taxes and benefits.The same is true for your fiance. And for everyone else who works. The percentages may be different, but everybody s net pay is less than their gross pay.

Pascal the Gambler:
Not seeing what?
if you work then you get a paystub that shows earnings year to date, no way he did not know how much he made. You only get part of it in your check because they take out taxes. He should look at his paystubs and W2

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