If you have employer based health insurance can you opt out of the medical portion and just choose eye and dental and life insurance?

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Lisa W:
Nobody ever lost their home needing glasses or a root canal. You're better off getting the health insurance.
With some employers you can and with some you can't. There is no law one way or the other, and it will depend on your employer and the deal they have with the insurance company(ies) that offer the products.
amy lynn:
At my company, I CAN do that. I pick which types of coverage I want and I don't have to take all of them or even any certain combination. Each type of policy stands alone and everyone can pick the combination they want.

But, you will need to find out how YOUR COMPANY bundles their policies. You will have to pick your options based on what your company offers.

Ask them for actual info locally as it varies greatly
life insurance maybe…… eye and dental, usually not.

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