If you invest in a business and it fails, does anyone gain anything?

You learn from the experience, hopefully. As Edison said, you learn what doesn't work.

But is the world a better place because you tried? Or is the result no different that setting fire to your money?

Best Answer:

Bobbin: Any gains would be in knowledge & understanding – of the world of business, & of your own strengths & weaknesses.

Yes, the world is a better place because the world needs people willing to take risks. Yes, a risk includes the risk of failure, but, as it's often said, the person who makes no mistakes often makes nothing at all.

Setting fire to your money is a defeatist attitude. Trying and failing can be respected – if you know what went wrong & don't make the same mistakes next time round.

Other answer:

It all depends on your perspective. A loss is a loss. Hopefully, however, when you lose money you figure out where you went wrong and you learn to make better investment or business decisions. So while the investors lost money and the business owners lost money, hopefully everyone learns a lesson and doesn't repeat the same mistake again.
Sometimes you just lose and there's no positive in it.

Other times you learn new things, you figure out more efficient ways of doing business, and you try again and do better.

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