If you sign a lease for an apartment, can they kick you out before the lease is up?

Other answer:

The LL can move to evict a tenant before the fixed term lease ends for Material Breach of the lease/contract but the LL bears the burden of Proof to show the tenant is in material breach of the lease: For example non-payment of rent is an easy one, while violation of a lease provision may require additional steps
If you violate the terms of the lease or fail to pay rent, yes.
If you violate the lease terms, yes, or dont pay rent on time.
R P:
Yes, if you violate any of the lease terms.
Gary B:
f you are not paying the rent, or violating the TERMS of your lease (like having a dog, or a live in girlfriend) — YES.
If you break the lease, yes. To remove you, they must obtain an eviction, and in order to get an eviction they must prove "just cause." Non-payment of rent, illegal occupants, etc., constitute just cause.
So instead of reading your lease, you asked here as if we a psychic?
if you fail to pay the rent or otherwise default on the lease yes, they can evict you
Ryan M:
LOL…..of course they can! On the flip side, do you think that you MUST stay there for the entire lease or risk imprisonment?
They can't end your lease early unless you violate it.

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