If you want to switch jobs is it better to try to quit your current job first or get hired at the new job first?

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I Love Pigeons:
It's better to get hired first, and then quit your current job. It's easier to get a new job while you're still working, you're less likely to get another job if you quit your current one without getting hired first. I'm unemployed (although I've never had a paid job outside a charity shop before) and I find it really difficult to get a job, even though I have some experience in retail.
Usually it's better to get hired at the new job before you quit your current / old job.
Once you have a job offer from the new job then quit your current / soon to be old job.
Usually it's better to get hired at the new job before you quit your current job.
Get hired elsewhere first, then quit the current job.

If you quit the current job before getting hired elsewhere, expect to spend several years of your life in a homeless shelter.

Beverly S:
Get hired first, give 2 weeks notice on the old job.
Never, EVER quit a job until you've been hired at a new job.
It is always recommended to not leave your current job until you have been offered a new one and only after giving your current job reasonable notice (usually 2 weeks).
Always work to have the next job set-up before leaving the current one. Even if you're on a contract gig, toward the end of the contract, they ought to be flexible with your hours so you can easily attend interviews and maintain your income.
It's better to be hired first. You don't normally immediately start with new jobs you have ample time to resign on the previous one.

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