If you were a manager and your employee asks for a half day off at short notice, what would you think?

As above, employee has not provided any reason for a half day off as annual leave

Other answer:

I do everything I can to be flexible when employees want time off, or anything else for that matter. Unless its a crucial crunch time, which the employees know, I let them know it's no problem if they want to take some time off.

Then again, through 20 years of management, I've never had an employee quit (I have given several the opportunity to be successful elsewhere). I treat them as well as I possibly can, and they reward me by being great employees, being loyal, and having a positive attitude when they're at work.

To be honest, I don't get the responses of people saying it depends on what kind of excuse they give. If the employee wants some time off, as long as the company won't suffer why not give it to them?

If I were a manager and my employee asked for a half day off on short notice, I'd give it if the employee's absence wouldn't cause a work problem. Why not? I also wouldn't require that my employees tell me WHY they want the time off. If using it for a job interview, well – that happens.

If my employees were unhappy with work, I guess if I were a manager, I'd try to find out what the problem is and fix it if it's fixable. If employee morale is low overall then it is often caused by poor management. Not always; but often.

Not nearly enough detail to know. What's my relationship with them? What sort of reputation have they cultivated for themselves? Does their absence shaft me and did they know it would shaft me?

After Nonsense Updates:
If you can't arrive at an answer to this simple question unassisted, I doubt you can assess whether an employee is happy in their work or not; nor recognize that you are likely the source of that displeasure. If the manager is wondering about the reason, they're lousy at their job. I can't remember the last time I cared about why my employees take off.

depends how short , how long the person has been employed and how reliable they have been

less than 1 week I would need a justification for allowing it

A couple of days- only in an emergency

Over a week , no reason

A reliable long term employee – would ask if very short notice, but if they were reluctant would not inquire further

Pascal the Gambler:
If I could afford to give them the day off, I would not care. If I did not have enough coverage without them, then it's a no.
I would think they have something that came up that they'd like to do. If it doesn't affect business then they should have that flexibility. I would understand that I'm not their parent and that they are grown individuals who deserve respect.
Do you want to keep the employee / they are a good worker? Grant the wish. If they are not – deny the leave, but know they might quit.
Linda R:
If employee has 'vacation days' coming…..who cares why!
short notice means that you have the right to say, when will you make up this time, or just say, it's on your own time and dock the time off the pay check
I should think it would be their responsibility to fill the shift if it's short notice.

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