Im 16 and I Have A Job … Can I file for taxes ?Or Do I have to be 18 and older.?

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If you have a job, you're already paying taxes with every paycheck. A portion gets pulled out and sent to the state or federal government. And you can file a tax return when you're a month old, if you (or your parents, at least) so choose. But when you earn enough money in a given year you will be required to file a return, irrespective of how old you are.
Linda R:
Since you are only 16-years old, and a student, you fill out your W-4 with an X in the 'Exempt' box.
Then the employer must only deduct Social Security and Medicare. Plus, you will not be earning enough to file for taxes.
Yes you can file, but you misunderstand what filing taxes means. Taxes are something you PAY, not some kind of bonus for working. Your employer takes money out of your paycheck to pay them. If they take out more than you end up owing, you file and get the extra back. If they didn't take out enough, you pay the rest. If you make over 6300 for the year, you have to file.
You must if you made over the IRS statutory limit. You can and should if you made less, but have a refund coming. You can if you wish, as long as it is not frivolous. But if you had no FIT (federal income tax withheld) and made less that the minimum required ($6300? or so) you do not have to file (unless you meet some other rare condition).
that will depend on two things, if you didn't earn as much as your non taxable income(your standard deduction for 2016 is $6400) you don't have to file
however if income tax was withheld that you will not owe you wiil want to file to get that refunded to you
and you can very simply e file at when the IRS is ready to accept tax returns, Jan. 23
Pascal the Gambler:
Yes, you can file a tax return. Whether or not you are due anything depends.

You PAY taxes, you do ot receive them.

Ryan M:
NO one files "for taxes". Taxes are something that you PAY. There is no law that says only adults file taxes. Do you think child stars make millions tax free???
You will need to file, although it is possible that any withheld taxes will be returned to you after you prepare and send in your filing.
You can file. Everyone can file, even babies. There is no age requirement.

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