I'm 21 and work as a cashier at a restaurant. Is that bad?

I also attend college. I will start working the week of March 7th at a Zaxbys.

Best Answer:

Herb: When you are getting started, any job is better than no job. If you are happy, they hours and the pay work for you, then go for it. Later a better job might come along and if you are doing a good job for them they will be a reference. Keep it up and be grateful for the job.

Other answer:

I can't understand why that's bad? Most Restaurant Cashiers I see are in their early 20's.
It's OK for now. By the time u get 25 you should be having a job paying at least 28k per year

I'm 18, no college future, and cannot find employment.

Not at all
is ok

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