I'm 58 years old, working my controller job six years, new CEO is moving company and they are NOT offering option to move & keep my job ?

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No it is not age discrimination and, even if it is, it would be impossible to prove. New CEO is under no obligation to keep employees.

I read recently that about 50% of workers who plan on working until full retirement age (now age 66) or later don't. Not because they've made the choice but it was made for them – either loss of job or disability. You are now one of the 50% who, unfortunately, must now try to find a job which will be difficult because of your age – now THAT is age discrimination but also difficult, if not impossible, to prove. I think you will find that you are going to have to either look for work in another line or expect a drastic cut in your income.

I have a friend who is now in her mid 60s who has lost two jobs; one due to down-sizing because her company was bought out by another and the other job because they were simply downsizing. She obtained her jobs working with a temp agency when placed with companies who decided to hire her on permanently. That is how she got her last two jobs.

I guess they figure you can easily be replaced. Sad but probably true. I would have to ask someone why you were not offered your job and moving and such. Ask your boss. Maybe they figured you would not move. Do start looking for another job. It is easier to get a job when you have a job.
from bay area to LA, the question is, don't they have to offer me a chance to keep my job?

I'm over 40, this is age discrimination – Yes / No ??

Time to start looking for a new job
Ziff Spiffington:
how far are they moving it?
What is the question?

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