I'm a first time mover and I take my future seriously. I'm still young should I rent an apartment or buy a land to put a tiny home in, help?

Alright so I'm still kinda young and I'm needing to move out of my moms house. Living with her has become unbearable since she is a stubborn woman and she literally treats me bad, I won't go into detail with all that but I can no longer stand it. My sister also treats me bad when she comes over and

Alright so I'm still kinda young and I'm needing to move out of my moms house. Living with her has become unbearable since she is a stubborn woman and she literally treats me bad, I won't go into detail with all that but I can no longer stand it. My sister also treats me bad when she comes over and I'm getting tired of it. I do the best I can and I help pay the bills and clean and cook. Now I think it's time to create my own living space. Ok so not long ago I bought my self a storage cabin with a porch/deck and I put it next to my mom's mobile home. Literally right there a few feet away. My dream was to always own a tiny home and I wanted to fix it up and live in it. But lately since things have been getting worse at home I'm think about returning it and renting an apartment. I know that if my mom were to die (hopefully not soon) some of that land would belong to me. I'm just tired of living there and I need out like bad. I have good stable job and get paid about 800$ every two weeks. Bit I was thinking if I rent an apartment that will be money wasted that I could use for an actual home. But then I again I do want to rent one but I think about what will I do when my lease is over what if I lost my job. And with buying a piece of land you need good credit and lots of other stuff which is harder on me because I'm sure I don't have the vest credit. Any tips on what I should do, Please. And I stay ill probably end up putting a big giant fence so I don't have to see my mother.
Any tips? I honestly want to leave and never see my family ever again. I hate that they treat me bad for no reason and I am the most behaved out of my brother and sister and I live in Houston tx or Pearland area if that helps at all. Any advice would be of much help thanks so much..

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Remember that a lot of local governments don't permit tiny homes as primary residences because they usually don't meet building standards/code… so that's the first thing you should look into before you put any more thought into it. However, if you only make $1600/mo you should think long and hard about ownership in any sort of real estate, tiny or not, because there will be maintenance costs and quite possibly taxes involved. It sounds like you're taking for granted that your mother will permit you to do all of this on her property… perhaps she will but you can't bank on the fact that part of the property would be yours upon her death. Even if that's true it doesn't give you any right to the property now and there's a lot that could change before then that could exclude you from inheriting. So don't count your chickens before they hatch where that is concerned. If you truly want to be independent just find a cheap rental to live in while you work on establishing your work and credit history. It probably won't be the nicest of places to live (based on your salary and possible poor credit) but it will be your own private space, and that is worth a lot. If you play your cards right and are responsible with your money for a few years, you could probably scrape together enough of a down payment to buy a small "real" house.
Simpson G.:
I'm not sure what you mean by "return" the "storage cabin". I had no idea you could build one out, keep it for a period of time, and then disassemble and return it. Check on this before you make any decisions.

You do not need good credit to purchase land. If you have cash for it, you are good to go. You will also need cash to run utilities to the land if they aren't there. If they are there, you'll need cash to connect them to the home.

Tiny Homes are a trend, and are not permitted in all neighborhoods. My old neighborhood had a 2500sqft minimum size on all homes built.

The good thing is that when you go to sell the land, a tiny home is not a huge negative – less tear down. A new owner might even keep it as an office, rental, or in-law suite.

As far as rent vs buy, it's a very old way of thinking to say you are throwing money away. The positive is that your expense is fixed. No $15000 roof bill. No $300 plumbing bill.

Good Luck

Jeff T:
I would rent for now. In fact, the only time I would consider buying is if all the following are true: 1) No debt except the mortgage 2) A huge emergency fund ($25,000) so that if you lose your job the day before the water heater breaks, you won't have to move into a hotel. 3) Big down payment (20% of the house price) 4) A stable situation (I know I won't be changing cities for at least five years).
Wow child, u clueless uninformed uneducated which at ur age is normal.
Have local educated adults explain HOW to qualify for apartments renting.

As for the myths hypes lies scams of "tiny homes" (travel trailer) , u been lied to by TV show.
Simple tin.

Eight hundreds every two weeks ! ?

U don't qualify to rent anything Legal here maybe in ur area.
U don't qualify to purchase any land here either.

Better get educated and started earning more money.
Libraries and educated adults can help u learn how locally.
Start there

You can't buy the land since you can't get a loan, so do the math re renting an apartment.
If you're young, it's doubtful you'll have the credit, long term income and savings required to buy anywhere with a mortgage
sounds like you have money that you can do about as you wish
buying a lot to eventually build something on still means you have to have a place to live in until you do, so you are back to renting
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