I'm a student and I want to file my taxes for the first time. If I file for my taxes, will that affect how much financial aid I will get?

Other answer:

if you have income you need to file, and if you make a lot of money that can provide support for you this could affect your aid
it is not likely to happen, you probably didn't make a huge amount of money
if you are a dependent you can only claim your standard deduction
Pascal the Gambler:
It might, but they would likely require your return anyway, so you'd have to eventually file.
Yeah Pete!:
Are you a depended still? You need to file if you took in more than $5,950 in income.
Doesn't matter whether you file or not. You still have to report your income to FAFSA. The questions are: did you file? are you required to file? how much did you earn from working?

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